Adwa Pan African University (APAU) International Conference Kicks off at Adwa

Adwa Pan-AFRICAN University-International conference on ‘Institutionalising Pan-Africanism’ kicks off at Adwa, the historic icon of victory for black people on April 23, 2016.
In the international conference, many scientists & dignitaries including the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn and Deputy Chairperson of AU Commision Kwesi Quartey are attending.

In the warm event, Dr. Debretsion, Vice president of Tigray Regional State welcomes the participants of the international conference, and he says” Adwa is a symbol that colonialism was wrong … a generation has to learn from forefathers ….. the University will be a center of research & magnify Africanism …”

On the other hand, Ato Bitew Belay, Chairman of the APAU coordinating committee emphasized the significance of the university & gave a brief account of the genesis of APAU since
May 2016; Hence, Mekelle University was among those acknowledged for supporting the establishment of APAU.
Furthermore, Dr. Ayele Bekerie, from the Department of History and Heritage Management at Mekelle University presented the conception, rationale, vision-mission & objectives of APAU; and it has been said that the university will initially focus on humanities, social sciences & informational sciences & technology.

Deputy DG of UNESCO Dr. Getachew Engida on his part spoke at the International Conference of APAU and said: “UNESCO stands to support this unique project …. long live the unity of Africa”. Similarly, Former PM Hailemariam of FDRE speaking at the international conference in Adwa says “Adwa is exceptionally unique … is rather an African victory & that of the black people… we won because we were united, organized & well prepared. Hence, he calls all Africans to be partners in building APAU.
On the other hand, Architects presented the APAU’s master design with an African context based on indigenous African architecture and claimed very interesting & historical.

Mekelle University, as before, is very honored to be partners and a significant contributor to the historical movement of institutionalizing Pan-Africanism in Adwa, Ethiopia.

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